Valid International has produced various training materials to support its development of the various metrics, analytics and technology modules. These training materials together with training support from our cadre of assessment experts provide a robust learning framework for those who want to be proficient with the approaches, techniques and tools that we have on offer.

Semi-Quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SQUEAC)/Simplified Lot Quality Assurance Sampling Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SLEAC) Technical Reference

image-left This technical reference document provides guidance for evaluating access and coverage of Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition and other selective feeding programs. SQUEAC combines routine program monitoring data, an array of qualitative information, and small-sample quantitative surveys. This combination of data permits identification of key issues affecting timely presentation at a clinic programme and estimates of the level of programme coverage achieved. SLEAC is a small-sample quantitative method for mapping and estimating coverage over large areas.

We have also developed an online toolkit based on the technical reference. This toolkit is designed to be a companion guide to the technical reference. The toolkit refers to the technical reference throughout all the modules and adapts some of the illustrations and vector graphics used in the technical reference to create graphics that exploits the functionality of the website format chosen. The toolkit has a modular structure with each module discussing a specific coverage tool. The modules give a brief description of the tool, specifies the data needed to use the tool (if needed), describes how analysis of the data is performed and explains how the results of the analysis can be interpreted. Whenever possible, interactive graphics have been designed and created specifically for this toolkit so as to illustrate the application of the tool. Additional resources that can be used in applying the tool is also provided as links for download. Each module is also available as a PDF download that is optimised for printing.

Targeted supplementary feeding programme coverage assessment toolkit

As part of a recent collaboration between the World Food Programme and Valid International to pilot coverage assessments of targeted supplementary feeding programmes (TSFP) in three WFP-supported countries, we produced an online toolkit that would support the rollout of TSFP coverage assessments.

Rapid Assessment Method for Older People (RAM-OP)

image-left RAM-OP is a rapid assessment method for measuring the nutritional status and needs, and other related factors that affect older people in humanitarian situations. It includes a questionnaire, a sampling method, and software for data analysis. It is a thorough, quick, simple, low-cost tool that allows humanitarian and development workers to obtain valuable information on older people specific needs, including their nutritional status, through a household survey.

An English language manual has been produced by HelpAge, Brixton Health and Valid International as an output of the development process of the method. The manual provides detailed guidance on how to conduct apply the RAM-OP methodology from sampling, survey implementation, data management and up to data analysis. The manual also shows how the various RAM-OP indicators are calculated and provides guidance on how to use the various instruments and tools developed for data collection, data management and data analysis