We at Valid International believe that there is a better way for organisations to approach assessments. With the appropriate metrics to measure the problem or issues in question, robust analytics to estimate the value of the indicators being measured, the right technology – simple to use tools that aid in making assessments rapid and efficient, and an effective training that is based on a learner-oriented and problem-based learning system, organisations can take control of their assessment needs and goals.

We offer services on metrics, analytics, technology and training for surveys which have been designed to support organisations to setup and implement, analyse and report, and manage and sustain assessments needed for them to run highly-effective programmes.


The right survey methods for the right indicators

Our metrics services provide solutions to designing the right indicators measured with the appropriate survey design implemented with an efficient data collection process to answer your information needs.

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Robust state-of-the-science analytics

Our analytics services provide robust solutions that provide indicator estimates using small sample sizes allowing for spatially disaggregated results and repeated measures over time.

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The right tools for the job

Our technology services provide solutions that make the whole survey process efficient from systems for data collection and management to software for data analysis, visualisation and reporting.

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Learning from the experts

Our training services provide solutions for learning the Valid approach to assessments. We offer training packages delivered by our experts and using bespoke training tools that cover training needs across our metrics, analytics; and technology services.

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Off-the-shelf survey products

We offer specialised and specific survey products that we have previously designed, developed and tested. These survey products are ready for use: rapid to setup, implement and scale up.

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Bespoke assessment services package

The services we offer can be utilised individually or as linked services depending on your specific needs. Our survey services can be developed and applied bespoke to an organisation’s assessment needs and requirements.

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